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/* TFP - E-chords - Below */ (function() { YELLOW – COLDPLAY PIANO CHORDS & Lyrics 23rd May 2020 23rd May 2020 bitesizepiano 0 Comments yellow coldplay chords, yellow coldplay chords lyrics, yellow coldplay piano chords, yellow coldplay piano tutorial. })(). song: "Yellow (Radio/Piano Version)", adunit_id: 100000049, Chords EADGBe (799877) add11 (799800) # (244322) (022100) #m (466444) This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. var opts = { }; You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. On the F#7 leave out the C#, Each Chord is held for four counts.Intro: B F#7 B F#7 (Play each Chord Four times with Sustain) B Look at the stars, F#7 Look how they shine for you, E E7 B And everything you do, yeah they were all yellow. artist: "Coldplay", Notes: This Song was performed only one time during a radio broadcast by Chris Martin and only his Piano. document.write('

');var c=function(){cf.showAsyncAd(opts)};if(typeof !== 'undefined')c();else{cf_async=!0;var r=document.createElement("script"),s=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.async=!0;r.src="//";r.readyState?r.onreadystatechange=function(){if("loaded"==r.readyState||"complete"==r.readyState)r.onreadystatechange=null,c()}:r.onload=c;s.parentNode.insertBefore(r,s)}; Piano chords and lyrics for Yellow by Coldplay. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) The Song is in 4/4 time. Includes piano tutorial.

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