vw t5 chiptuning 102 ps

This also means that you are not having to rev the engine hard to get performance which reduces stress on the engine and again reduces fuel consumption . No any increase in emissions is negligable, some kits even reduce emissions! I bought one. The gizmo has TRANSFORMED the performance of my Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 AND improved the fuel economy by a genuine 15%; so much so that I have bought another one for our Freelander 2 SD4 which is now a REAL Q-car! With our multi-channel kits we also increase turbo pressure adding more air with the additional fuel, this will stop the DPF from becomming blocked and the car will also have more power than one tuned simply by adding fuel. There are two main methods of tuning modern diesel and gasoline engines , one is by chip tuning or re-mapping , this involves using a special interface to read out the program from the cars computer or ECU and then writing in a new program to increase performance. Following a first rate response to a query, the product has delivered in spades. Fitting took minutes and was effortless, the box was kept on factory settings, I feel there is no need to mess with it. I recently installed a unit in the T5 BiTDI in 2013. We are the UK’s largest ecu programming service dealer group/franchise with over 800 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres. Saving You: £100.00 (18%) Zoom: To find out … Fitting was simplicity itself and the result was incredible, the lacklustre performance from rest is transformed and fuel consumption has improved markedly, a good investment that has transformed a good vehicle into a great one. Well, there is absolutely no point in forking out the extra 2 grand for the 2 litre model when you can get the 1.7 and spend much less to get 2 litre power figures. Generally not , most can be fitted by one of our trained technicians in less than 20 minutes , however some require items like intercooler to be lifted off the top of the engine to get the connectors on to the injectors underneath , this is not a job we would recommend to someone with no mechanical experience , most kits though are very simple to fit , we can give you advice depending on your particular car. This technology is much more complex than single channel tuning kits made by most other companies and costs significantly more to produce but the benefits both in quality and performance make the extra cost worthwhile. The second method is to use an external plug in Tuning Box or as some people refer to them 'Piggyback ECU' , these units connect into the existing wiring of the vehicle generally using original manufacturers connectors , a control unit (Tuning Box) is then attached which can over-ride the signals coming from the engines sensors to the cars ECU and alter them to allow the injectors or common rail to inject more fuel at certain times and increase turbo pressure to keep the air/fuel ratio correct. David from Market Bosworth with a VW Transporter T5 2.0 TDI 102 said: Hi, just feedback on my purchase for a VW T5 102 T28. From what I can remember about my 2 litre test drive, my 1.7 now pulls better than the 2 litre version. Chiptuning by ChipTuningPower.CH: Modell : VW Transporter T5 ( 2003 - 2009 ) 1,9 TDI PD (102 PS / 250 NM) Power win : + 30 PS / + 50 Nm / Verbrauchsreduktion bis ca. Our units also have the abilty to read engine temperature so the tuning can be delayed until the engine reaches a safe running temperature before power is increased. A very good car has been turned into the excellent car I had hoped for all along.”, “Many thanks for your fantastic service! We offer additional engine warranty for those who wish to have added cover for mechanical parts, this is purchased as an additional item. Für die Herstellung der Micro-Chiptuning-Steuergeräte wurde eigens ein Qualitätsmanagement nach … This is a real danger on the newest vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters on the exhaust because if the filter becomes blocked and cannot be regenerated you will have to replace it at great cost . Chiptuning Box VW T5 1.9 TDI 75 kW 102 PS DPF PD Basic Tuned; KW: 75: 96: NM: 250: 288: PS: 102: 131: £ 269: More Details: Volkswagen T5 All Versions Chiptuning Box VW T5 2.5 TDI 128 kW 174 PS … David from Market Bosworth with a VW Transporter T5 2.0 TDI 102 said: Hi, just feedback on my purchase for a VW T5 102 T28. Choose the safest system you can, from a respected and trusted company, and start enjoying significantly improved performance and economy! Where problems arise is if you tune these engines just by increasing fuelling as you would have on older diesels, this creates more carbon/soot and the DPF can become blocked and if the dealer cannot manually re-generate it you may need to replace it and these are very expensive (in excess of £1000). Whilst this engine pulls very well in standard form, and was returning 44-45mpg even during the first 500 miles I had to go down the CHIP Express route. Chip tuning by test winner DTE Systems for VW MULTIVAN T5 1.9 TDI 102 HP +30 HP Performance up to -15% consumption TÜV part approval included We deliver as usual. We ship worldwide! Sale Price: £449.00. The important thing is to make sure the unit is not fitted close to any high sources of heat and that all cables are safely tied to avoid getting caught in moving engine parts . Unit now fitted and, as promised, the car is transformed. I am so pleased with the whole result. (And of course saves fuel...) I have never written a review before (though strangely I do read them and take notice of them, whilst half-believing that they are written by the owner's chums!)

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