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Willard Huyck, | $3.64M, PG Lucio Fulci Director: The Best Zombie Movies Ever Made. Ruben Fleischer Stars: Jeff Gillen, But there's a problem. Show Aikawa, Joseph Pilato, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Anitra Ford, PG-13 | Terry Potter, | Penny Vital, R | Horror. #30. Margie Newton, Stars: Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Tell us what you think about this feature. Lew Temple, Jay Lee Stars: Tammy Davis, 20,091 Emma Stone, Jorge Grau J.S. 22,775 | | Gross: Stars: She gets sick and dies, at which time she comes back to life, killing and eating dogs, nurses, friends, and neighbors. Director: Director: | The Best Zombie Movies of the 21st Century 50. 245,692 | Director: John Salvo, NC-17 Jonathan King Visitors to a remote island discover that a reclusive Nazi commandant has been breeding a group of Zombie soldiers. This is a list of the best zombie movies to stream on Netflix, with all the blood, guts, and gruesome scenes you could ever want. 88 min $5.80M, R | Zack Snyder Michael Kenworthy, Alison Pill, Stars: Critics Consensus: Valley Girl culture satire Night of the Comet gets lots of mileage out of its slapstick sci-fi zombie approach. 98 min | Jenna Jameson, There was the loving spoofery of Shaun of the Dead. | $5.10M, R | 91 min Jack McBrayer, Votes: Six friends in a theatrical troupe dig up a corpse on an abandoned island to use in a mock Satanic ritual. Yukijirô Hotaru, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Cesare Barbetti, R | Naoyuki Tomomatsu A young man's mother is bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey. Crowned the godfather of zombies, Romero made five more Dead movies, the best of which are featured in this guide, including Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. While zombie movies have been for more than 80 years (in 1932 we got White Zombie, in 1943 I Walked With a Zombie), it’s commonly accepted the subgenre as we know it today didn’t rise until 1968, when George A. Romero unleashed Night of the Living Dead. Stars: | | 127 min | Gross: | | Action, Horror. Looking for the best zombie movies to watch on Netflix? Matthew Leutwyler Hideo Sakaki, George Peck, | Strangers searching for a young woman's missing father arrive at a tropical island where a doctor desperately seeks the cause and cure of a recent epidemic of the undead. Comedy, Horror. Thom Mathews, Votes: Stars: Howard Vernon, Hugo Stiglitz, | Betsy Beutler, Not Rated 185,761 90 min 63,786 Tommy Wirkola 85 min Mike Minett, R Not Rated Horror. Sakichi Sato Stars: Action, Comedy, Horror. | Now we got to see the true versatility of the zombie movie. I'm a huge horror fan, these are what I consider as the best zombie films. Kenji Matsuda, R Craig Smith, Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons. Robert Englund, Steven Goldmann | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi. The blockbuster theatrics of the Resident Evil adaptation. Ken Wiederhorn Director: | Unfortunately, it is the site where a bunch of yankee soldiers murdered a... See full summary », Director: Stars: 100 min 104 min Gloria Katz Thom Eberhardt Stars: | Gross: Vegar Hoel, Votes: Stars: | Robert Beltran, César Burner, While Hong-jin Na's masterful horror/thriller The Wailing is much more than … Along with the mummy rising, slaves who were buried in the desert thousands of years before, also rise, with a craving for human flesh. 87 min Highlights from the pre-2000 era include splatter comedies like Return of the Living Dead and Dead Alive, Lucio Fulci’s eye-splitting and shark-wrestling Zombi 2, and H.P. Stars: Catriona MacColl, Horror, Mystery, Stefano, a young journalist, buys a used typewriter and accidentally sees that some text is still readable on the ribbon. Pete O'Herne, Joey Morgan, 92 min | Gross: | | After an experiment gone wrong, a virus that turns people into zombies spreads throughout New Guinea, whilst a female reporter and her cameraman and a team of four commandos sent to investigate try to survive the onslaught. Thom Mathews, Girls surrounding 17 years old are affected by an illness that make her to be 'Stacies': they feel a strange and momentary happiness until they become zombies. An unlikely hero must lead a motley band of teachers in the fight of their lives. $0.08M, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Peter Jackson 110,718 Charlotte Frogner, 91 min José Gras, R Oscar Pearce, Votes: Talia Balsam, | Stars: Top zombie movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or in … 93 min Here is a list of the best zombie movies ever, including popular blockbusters like Zombieland, 28 Days Later, and Dawn of the Dead; classic zombie flicks like 1968's Night of the Living Dead and Comedy/Zombie crossovers like Braindead and Shaun of the Dead. Ellen Sandweiss, Armand Mastroianni A cop chases two hippies suspected of a series of Manson family-like murders; unbeknownst to him, the real culprits are the living dead, brought to life with a thirst for human flesh by chemical pesticides being used by area farmers. F rom the 1930s to the modern era, zombie movies have terrified audiences. Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi. Comedy, Horror. James Karen, A young woman inherits an old hotel in Louisiana where, following a series of supernatural "accidents", she learns that the building was built over one of the entrances to Hell. Gabriele Lavia, 89 min Cutting-edge, gritty filmmaking with 28 Days Later. Jake Weber, Votes: Antonella Interlenghi, R 51,067 Unrated Lucio Fulci Scout Taylor-Compton, | Gross: A man's uneventful life is disrupted by the zombie apocalypse. Antoine Saint-John, Votes: 88 min David Emge, Horror. They may not have gotten the highest critical marks, but offer just as much color, life, and odor to this list. Directors: Ever since, zombies have shown no sign of slowing down. brains!" 94 min | Horror. | It backfires with deadly consequences. Duane Jones, The unburied dead return to life and seek human victims. | 90 min The Wailing (2016) - 7.4. Richard Backus, Richard DeManincor, There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. Stars: $5.84M. | Copyright ©  2018 Fandango. | | Jean Rollin, $0.22M, R Myk Watford, R | Unrated Elizabeth Moody, | | | | 38,937 Clu Gulager, Gute Zombie Filme sind wohl eines der beliebtesten Subgenres des Hororfilms. Stars: | He manages to reconstruct the story of a scientist, Paolo Zeder, ... See full summary », Director: A mysterious virus hits an isolated elementary school, transforming the kids into a feral swarm of mass savages. Simone Mattioli, Valerie Mamches, Sarah Dumont, Votes: Milla Jovovich,

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