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A second factor in Ben's death are the wounds inflicted during the battle against Palpatine. During the fighting, Skywalker felt the presence of the Sith meditation sphere he had encountered on Ziost during the Second Galactic Civil War; its presence led Skywalker to believe that they were under attack by Sith. Sebatyne was gravely wounded, but survived and realized that Gorog Killiks may have sneaked aboard the Jade Shadow. Caedus swiftly denied it but failed to convince Skywalker. Shevu gave the recording of the conversation to Skywalker, who promptly played it to his father and several others. It all makes sense, and I'm glad the caretakers are doing such a good job with the galaxy. Auf wessens Entwicklung ich auch sehr gespannt bin, ist die kleine Allana Solo. Auch am Ende der Skywalker-Saga gibt es einige Opfer des Sternenkriegs zu beklagen. Shesh and her warriors fell for the bait and charged into the escape pod, hurling C-3PO back out into the bay. Skywalker raced to Kavan and saw his mother's dead body. : Achtung, Spoiler zu „Episode 9: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers“! The Klatooinians were happy to hand him over, as they did not have the facilities to contain him. [30], Vestara Khai's father, Gavar Khai, one of the Skywalker's Sith allies, Luke observed the conversation, and the two Sith, sensing this, spoke in the Keshiri language. [40], Ben Skywalker has made one non-canon appearance in "The Lost Lightsaber", a comic from Star Wars Tales 19. Gast. When they addressed the assembled Aing-Tii, Luke revealed that they had gotten no insight from the artifacts and that the Aing-Tii alone must decide their destiny. Skywalker parked the Jade Shadow in the station's docking bay, which was filled with dozens of empty ships from many different eras and classes. The Skywalkers finally discovered the Killik stowaway itself some time later. The species eventually went extinct, and a mining operation was set up on the asteroids. Despite being outnumbered and the Sith powered by Dromund Kaas' Dark Side Force Nexus, the Jedi and Vestara fought them. Skywalker was able to get Shaker and Kiara to cover as the TIE strafed the ruins and used the Force to hurl a boulder at the TIE, damaging it. [23], Try as he might, Skywalker was not able to make his father activate his lightsaber. Also ich habe nichts dagegen. After hearing the argument presented by Solo, Omas refused his request, fearing that the Galactic Alliance might transform into a government akin to the Galactic Empire. As they escaped, Ben remarked to his father how she had saved them twice and now he had a window to turn her to the light and stated his belief that she had fallen for him. Ben told her that he had piloted Ship before it contacted the Lost Tribe. Skywalker taught his mother how to disappear in the Force as well, to give her a better sense of when he was hiding. However, they were able to save Gilad Pellaeon from any harm. One of these bioweapon… They found that their quarry, whose name they learned was Vestara Khai, had let herself get adopted by the Raining Leaves. [23], After the events at Hapes, Skywalker returned to the Jedi Temple to train. Ben's parents departed soon after to return to Colony space, leaving Ben alone once more in the Ossus Jedi Praxeum. Despite their best efforts to avoid detection, they were discovered by DD-11A, a YVH droid in the Queen Mother's services. [15], After the fall of Coruscant, the infant Skywalker was kept for several days in a Jedi stronghold called Eclipse Station, hidden on the Deep Core planet of the same name. It pointed to a nearby apartment building, which Skywalker and the GAG squad forcibly entered. As Skywalker had previously stayed at the Shelter during the Yuuzhan Vong War, his father asked him many questions about what he had felt there. Horn went on another rampage, which was stopped by Galactic Alliance Security agents who imprisoned her. The war was over, and Ben finally was together with his family. Skywalker wept as the two sped away, mourning the loss of his friend, all the while pleading to Shevu to go back to the spaceport and pick Lekauf back up. Solo brought Ben Skywalker into the fold as well, and the two Jedi and the 967 Commando immediately went to work. They landed in the city of Dor'shan, and after an inspection of their ship they went to the Baran Do temple. Next, Ryontarr led the Skywalkers to a body of water known as the Lake of Apparitions. Meanwhile at Centerpoint, the station was destroyed when a technician named Rikel tried to fire the station's weapon and destroy Coruscant. Fortunately for Skywalker, family friend Lando Calrissian and a squad of YVH droids boarded the ship afterward and attacked the Yuuzhan Vong. Unsatisfied, Caedus ordered his subordinates to open fire on the planet. Omas was suicidal and had rigged a thermal detonator to explode should his heart stop beating. Luke Skywalker was able to ascertain the location of said planet, landing on it with Mara Jade and several other Jedi. Solo also revealed to him something else; Corellian Head of State and Thrackan Sal-Solo's successor, Dur Gejjen, was behind the attempt on Tenel Ka Djo's life. [1], Inside the control room at last, Skywalker looked for the main control console. At last Burra, one of the older Hidden Ones, gave in, revealing he knew of a secret turbolift chamber that led to the surface. In their invasion of the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong took to using a variety of creatures native to their own galaxy. [Source]. One of the keys to the Alliance war effort was the sentient planet Zonama Sekot—the seed of the original Yuuzhan Vong planet, Yuuzhan'tar, that had made its way to Ben's galaxy. „Er (Ben) hat uns gesagt, das wäre eine Übungswaffe.“ „Von einem bestimmten Standpunkt aus betrachtet stimmt das auch. You taught me that." She related that she was watching Jacen Solo and came to Lorrd to follow and test him. In a frenzied battle, the group—with Djo's child in tow—was able to escape the ambush. Ben assured Luke he had a plan for escape, which turned out to be Vestara. The Skywalkers would name the boy Ben, after Luke Skywalker's Jedi Master, Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi. The experiments performed on her revealed much about the mental bond shared by Joiners. The last time Luke had seen her she had managed to survive for 400 years by eating live Drochs but that had deteriorated her mind to insanity. Due to his great love for his mother, his belief that Caedus had killed her drew him into hating Caedus deeply. The Hidden Ones left the caverns, returning to the Baran Do on the surface, and the Skywalkers departed Dorin soon afterward. [6], The journey to the Embrace took three arduous days, where the thin atmosphere and shortage of water took a great toll on the Skywalkers. Suddenly, however, Abeloth released a giant shock wave, hurling aside all of the Jedi and Sith present and headed for the tunnel where she was defeated by Luke. Luke was struck again by the girl that had injured him previously, but fought her off and they were able to escape in the Jade Shadow.

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