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I once asked my father if he believed in God. That’s the first role that I can remember. My sister used to be really critical of the church. Welcome back. Schauspieler Alexander Khuon ist ein authentischer Flirter mit Kuppler-Qualitäten. Then he puts Walser back and pulls out John Williams’ Stoner. Williams is one of the great American Authors. It’s the actor in question, Alexand Khuon, who has won this praise from German reviewers. My favorite production is Idomeneus, directed by Jürgen Gosch when he was already seriously ill. Have a look at our interviews in Berlin to read about more interesting creatives. She’s always been really decisive and strong-willed. VIP. The big question! His sister, Nora, works as a dramaturge while his mother is a German and English teacher. What’s particular here is that it never comes to physical contact. Posters show past plays. Alexander walks over to his expertly sorted bookshelf. This picture of the actor Alexander Khuon in his home in Kreuzberg belongs to a series of portraits of Berlin based theater makers I took with the support of this year's Theatertreffen. His sister, Nora, works as a dramaturge while his mother is a German and English teacher. But more and more less so – it starts to fade at a certain age. At times, definitely. Alexander Khuon. Yes, from the idea, to the story and how it progresses, down to the characters – how to stage it and how it should be acted out – these have always been part of it all for me. Alexander Khuon, geboren 1979 in Freiburg, erhielt seine Ausbildung zum Schauspieler an der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig 1999 - 2001. Alexander Khuon erhielt seine Ausbildung von 1999 bis 2003 an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Leipzig. The publisher opted for the temporary cessation of the magazine and instead started a new publication called Ledige Frauen, which made it to a total of 26 issues. A really, special, unique moment. Just as the lighter was about to spark, he reconsidered his decision and said with the same calmness, ‘Hmm, maybe we’d better not.’, “I only have the right to make theater or tell stories when I’ve truly experienced life on this earth.”. Jürgen Gosch once told me, ‘I only have the right to make theater or tell stories when I’ve truly experienced life on this earth.’ When I’m ready to show this and to invest myself in bringing my own experience and my own being into a play, then you can really draw from that on stage. In all honesty – he could probably do with a rest. And I never count on the fact that just because things with Gosch, Thalheimer or Pucher once worked a certain way, that it will always keep working this way. Funnily enough, I’ve never really worried about her. Tell me, pray.’. We relate to each other on a really particular, and not at all chummy level. He is driven by modesty, sincerity and a joy for storytelling. Some colleagues I actually only see on stage, and it’s there that we deal with issues that we don’t have any experience with offstage. In a text you wrote about you father, you said that during your childhood you rarely spent much time with him. You have to allow for some things to grate. Dat vinden we jammer, hiermee ontneem je MijnSerie … Alexander Khuon was born on March 10, 1979 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Have you always played the older-brother role? Interestingly, you  don’t have to know each other well as actors to perform together. His father, Ulrich Khuon, is the Artistic Director of the DT, joining a couple of years after his son. When that comes together, it’s so meaningful. It also had to do with the fact that I’ve always thought Clemens Meyer was a great writer and enjoyed reading his works. Do you need these surroundings? We leave the Deutsches Theater and head to Alexander’s apartment. Bekijk alle films waar Alexander Khuon in speelt of heeft geregisseerd. Instead, it’s a particularly onstage thing in rehearsals where you work out the stories behind the characters together. Seit Beginn der Spielzeit 2004/05 ist er Ensemblemitglied am Deutschen Theater in Berlin. Instead, when he’s not acting,  Alexander Khuon still finds time to write scripts and direct. He said, ‘The question isn’t whether there is God, but whether you need a God.’ I was still a kid at the time, but even still to this day it’s a really good answer. ‘He’s a discovery for me, even if it’s not an insider’s tip.’ Next to the bookshelf is a chest full of poetry volumes: Celan, Mörike, Else-Lasker-Schüler, Nelly Sachs, Gertrud Kolmar, the whole array. When you were 21 you starred in your first film Paul, that you also wrote the script for. (laughs) Baptism, altar boy – I had it all; simply because they go hand in hand. Did your role in The Big Fat Pancake inspire you to become an actor? How did you come to make a film about pedophiles? Photography: Mirjam Wählen Interview & Text: Nella Beljan, Conversations on contemporary dining produce food for thought, Leaving her modelling career behind, Michelin-starred chef Dalad Kambhu’s perception of beauty focuses on confidence and sustainability, Transdisciplinary artist Grada Kilomba reminds us of the severity of social oppression, We leave the Deutsches Theater and head to Alexander’s apartment. Yes, in my dressing room there’s nothing lying around to distract me. He picks out a bound edition by Martin Walser, who isn’t one of his favorite authors, but one he says, “Often has good lines.” “You have to play with the heavy things as if they were light,” he cites. These have been really important experiences. He ... Born: March 10, 1979 Get closer to it!” That doesn’t mean stripping yourself bare, but rather bringing all those things that make a life into your character. I was given the role of the pancake. Casa Solar: Radio Tatort - rbb (Audio Download): Tom Peuckert, Alexander Khuon, Eva Kryll, Udo Schenk, Sven Lehmann, Ulrike C. Tscharre, rbb media GmbH If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Or maybe he did (laughs). Hide ads with . But I always loved re-enacting movies and other things, and started writing short stories and longer texts from quite a young age. We also had the chance to drop by his apartment in Kreuzberg and immerse ourselves in his world, where the written word is at home. Find out what’s on at Deutsches Theater here. Seit Beginn der Spielzeit 2004/2005 ist er festes Ensemblemitglied am Deutschen Theater Berlin. This portrait is part of our ongoing collaboration with ZEIT Online, who presents a special curation of our pictures on ZEIT Magazin Online. In this respect I was never the classic older brother who thought, ‘Oh no, she’s going to discos now.’, Finally, citing Goethe’s Faust, ‘How do you feel about religion? See if your friends have read any of Alexander Khuon's books. It has a lot to do with the idea of wanting to experience things again and again. Robert Musil – Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törleß, Robert Musil – Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, William Shakespeare – Was Ihr Wollt ´Orsino´, Arthur Schnitzler – Der Einsame Weg ´Felix´. It’s an important, unique and deep relationship, even without exchanging basic information. We visited Alexander at the DT, where he took us on a behind-the-scenes tour to his dressing room and the famous stage, that dates back to the time of Max Reinhardt (one of the 20th century’s most famous theater makers).

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